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Posted on Sun Dec 05, 2010

Welcome to another exciting season for the Cataraqui Soccer Club. I would first of all like to thank the outgoing executive for a job well done in the 09/10 season of the club. Especially Rob McDonald who had a lot on his plate this year but still found the time to keep us up to date whenever possible. I would like to thank everyone on the executives behalf for your continued support throughout the year and look forward to spending the following year seeing this club through a different viewpoint, not just as a player or member but as your new president. For those of you who may not know me, my name is Lori Harpell and I have been around this club for quite a while, mostly as a spectator and supporter of our men's teams, and more recently since the addition of the Women's team as a player and member. I have heard that a women being president of this club would have curled some toes back in the day, so hopefully I can live up to all of your expectations of me. As the outgoing member at large, I was able to experience being a part of the executive; and after being nominated for the postition of President, I saw this as an opportunity to bring new ideas, and a fresh outlook to this soccer club. I look forward to representing this club with the intentions of keeping the long standing reputation that we have always had. I will thank all of you ahead of time for your support.

Lori Harpell