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Bakhurst's touch earns him MVP honours, and if you don't believe me, ask him!

The night was... BALMY...

Cat I Land Another Victory as They Take on Pilot House

Cat 1 was at it again as they handily defeated Pilot House 4-1.

Pizzinato clutches MVP as~ ah, forget it, I'll let Alan tell the story

Billies belgrano pylons have finally broken the duck, and got our first win of the season.

Peter Boyle Jr. Picks up MVP as Cat 1 Take Top Spot Once Again

For the first time in four games, Cataraqui I picked up a full complement of points.  And they are critical in the tightly packed A Division where, before the game, there were just three points separating second from seventh.

Cat 1 Starts Strong, but Hammered in the 89th Minute

The boys from Cataraqui 1 showed up at Caton's 1 on Wednesday night ready to put a halt to a small losing streak and were looking to bounce back from their worst performance of the season a week earlier.

Fever Pitch a Curve as CAT I Drops One from the Top Spot

Cat 1 played Fever tonight; the last place team coming into the game, but you would not know it from the effort they put forth.

Boyle earns MVP as Gelling CAT II Challenge League Leaders

On this night, under the guidance of coach Armstrong, the boys in black showed that we are a team, through THICK and thin.

Fletcher Captures MVP as Victory Escapes CAT I for First Time This Season

The boys in blue lost 3-2 in a hard fought game with Benfica.  Cat-1 had to reshuffle their line up as they were short 5 defenders for this game...

Peter Boyle earns MVP Nod as the Boys in Black Play a Sleeper

There is little doubt that this game could have gone either way.  Cataraqui had a number of scoring opportunities which just failed to covert.